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We produce FUN FAMILY FRIENDLY curated events supporting SMALL BUSINESSES and HOME BASED SHOPS and ARTISTS where we can all PROMOTE our brands, products and services while NETWORKING AND CONNECTING WITH CONSUMERS

Shop small and party up with us as we strive to make every weekend a "Staycation" from town to town!

We believe our world is a better place when we start small, uplift each other, support one another, share about our success stories and build a community culture we can all be proud to be a part of!


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The Bombshell Group was originally founded in 2015 by owners Cynthia and Robert Hoover. The business started in servicing the greater SF Bay Area by delivering safe family-friendly entertainment kid zones at local markets, festivals and fairs. Our focus has always been to deliver happiness through the energy and experiences of the best art, music, food and vendors from all over the world one special and magical moment at a time. The business model has grown and we launched The Bombshell Group, Inc. in San Antonio, TX at the start of 2021 and newly added our productions company TBG Productions, LLC in the Fall of 2021 in California. We are currently operating events and entertainment markets throughout California and source our entertainment and event planner partners from our Bombshell Network Group.


Throughout the years, we partnered with amazing artists, performers, vendors and small businesses that delivered services at the level and quality we enjoy as a family, then bottled all of that energy and delivered it to families all over! It is with that bottled up fun and energy that makes us "The Bombshell!"

The Bombshell Group, Inc. is our network of professional entertainment providers including and not limited to artists, artisans, performers, event planners, decorators, dancers, photographers, DJ's and traveling shows available to entertain you from home or in public. We have proven influence to many other entertainment professionals in our industry. We have created relationships with major companies and organizations in creating long-term entertainment plans and services that assist in client retention and  customer loyalty, strengthening community relationships through art and entertainment experiences and assist our network of professionals to deliver the services they do best.


What makes us different is our commitment to delivering magical experiences with a strategic and packaged entertainment plan for family-fun all year long. We care about our clients and aim to keep our clients long-term from childhood entertainment packages to adult and corporate family-friendly fun experiences.

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The Bombshell Group, Inc.

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We are your go to for curating fun and family-oriented entertainment experiences. We handle the planning, design and coordinate art and entertainment services that are professional, safe, exciting and innovative. Our corporate event planning, community relationship entertainment solutions and building client loyalty through everlasting memories, defines our specialty in event management.

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From event planning services to booking talent and entertainment for you upcoming events, you can trust that our network of professional artists and entertainers will be the WOW factor at your upcoming event.

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The Bombshell Group Logo New-2.png

The Bombshell Group, Inc. is a beautifully crafted community of artists, entertainers, event planners, musicians, theater performers, artisans, makers and all locally-sourced entertainment experiences crafted by individual or corporate sponsorship. Our team cares about delivering quality experiences and with our Bombshell list of vendors, we work together to deliver the Bombshell Magic!

If you are new to entertainment and are looking to join a roster of unique professionals, you have found the right place! Learn more and submit your talent resume along with your salary requirements to work for our network.



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