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Event and Promotional Services

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We are people-people. Our focus is connecting with our clients to help them create amazing events and with new opportunities to connect with their clients and build new relationships through our event promotions and relationship-marketing programs.



We are in business to grow business and have fun doing just that. Making new connections that lead to new opportunities. These opportunities create valuable experiences and through these curated events, it allows our clients and customers to find each other. As a result, we bridge the gap and create the platform through strategy, design and organization. We help businesses expand through building relationships with their customers and invest in driving the economic vitality of the communities we invest in.

Photo Credit: Business "Rising Soul Jewelry" 


Photo Credit: Business "My Sticky Shop" Photographed by Cynthia Irene Media


Our vision is to create a better world that appreciates the art and talent the creative network has to offer. We are always searching for new connections and bringing people together one event at a time. Bringing people together, connecting businesses with other businesses in B2B partnership investment models and providing a B2C experience that makes our connections grow further. It feels good to do good. Even better when you giveback to others as you build your empire together.

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