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Thank you for taking a moment to get to know the Founders! The Bombshell Group was founded by Robert and Cynthia Hoover out of Vallejo, CA. The Hoovers originally launched their first business "The Bombshell Group" - a family friendly entertainment agency in 2015, due to a lack of knowledge and access to local art and entertainment services available in their immediate area. Many parents and local families did not know of the services available for in-home private gatherings aside from the events enjoyed by the community and in time, The Hoovers successfully connected over thousands of families with entertainment providers in their surrounding areas from all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area in California to Las Vegas, Nevada and newly expanding to parts of San Antonio, TX.


The Hoovers intend to help connect artists and entertainers, event planners and business partners starting off their small-business entertainment journey through The Bombshell Group, Inc. The sole-purpose of the entertainment group is to provide access to anyone and everyone looking to further their career in the event industry and to connect new and existing clients with the best entertainment opportunities the suit their budget and network.

Cynthia and Robert Hoover
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